Can Beginners with No Coding Experience Land High-Paying AWS Cloud Jobs?


Who Needs This Course?

College Passouts / Freshers

Don’t be mistaken that IT job opportunities are solely for experienced professionals. Join us to swiftly cultivate your in-demand skills, and learn how to do it effectively, no matter your experience level.

Job Seekers

Job seekers like you who want to stand out to potential employers. Discover in-demand IT skills, master essential tools and technologies, and gain practical experience that can set you apart in interviews and help you secure high-paying roles.

Upscalers / Rescalers

Whether you’re an experienced professional or someone looking to pivot within the industry, our 3-day course is your key to upscaling or rescaling your skills. Master tech stacks, cloud computing, and advanced languages to excel in IT.

What Will You Learn?

Day 1

  1. Foundation for Becoming a Highly Qualified IT Professional
  2. Challenges in IT Growth and a 6-Month Learning Plan.
  3. Recent trends in IT job market.

Day 2

  1. What is cloud computing with crystal clear demo explanation?
  2. What is Programming language and how to understand a language like Java in a simple way?

Day 3

  1. How to supercharge your IT skills and open doors to high-paying job opportunities
  2. Road map to a Java Cloud Solution Architect.

Testimonials from Our Certified Trainees

As the saying goes, ‘A content customer is the most effective business strategy.’ After receiving these messages, it’s clear that we’re on the right path.

Nithin Nadeshwaran (Batch #23)

A Nazrin Begum (Batch #22)

Pooja (Batch #23)

B Hemanandhini (Batch #22)

Pradeep (Fresher)

I entered the world of IT as a fresher with no prior knowledge about Java and AWS. Thanks to Karthik Ponnusamy's courses, I quickly gained a strong foundation in both. His teaching style made complex concepts easy to understand. Within months, I secured my first job as a Java Developer, and I couldn't have done it without his guidance.

Shashank (Working Professional)

As an experienced IT professional, I wanted to expand my skills into cloud computing and Java. Karthik Ponnusamy's courses provided the perfect platform for me to do so. His expertise in Java and AWS is unmatched, and the practical approach of the courses made it easy for me to apply what I learned in my current role. I now use these skills daily and have seen significant career growth.

Balakrishnan (Job Seeker)

After months of job hunting with no luck, I decided to enhance my skills with Karthik Ponnusamy's Java and AWS courses. It was a game-changer. Not only did I learn quickly and effectively, but I also felt more confident during interviews. Within weeks of completing the courses, I landed a job offer that I'd been dreaming of. Thank you for helping me turn my job search around!

Abhinav (Upscaler / Rescaler)

Transitioning within the IT industry can be challenging, but Karthik Ponnusamy's courses made it seamless. His deep knowledge of Java and AWS was evident, and he provided valuable insights into real-world applications. The reskilling journey was enriching, and I now work as a Cloud Architect, all thanks to the strong foundation I built through these courses.

A Note From Karthik Ponnusamy

“There’s never been a better time to start learning something new”

Did you know that AWS has outperformed their 14 closest competitors combined, delivering five times more cloud infrastructure? AWS now adds daily what they used to run in seven years in the past.

So, if you’re thinking about pursuing AWS certification and jobs, you’re making the right choice. It’s time to stop relying on guesswork and hope, and start learning how to prepare effectively to pass AWS certifications and excel in your job search. Let’s get started.

My Free Class and Roadmap employ a proven Kickstarter approach that I’ve successfully used with my trainees time and time again. Its sole focus is on assisting you in securing a job in AWS Cloud.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Live session happens at 7.00 AM IST everyday. If you miss the session, worry not. We will share the recorded session for you. It has a validity of 7 days.

Our each session lasts for 1 hour. It may extend based on the live interactions and Q&A session.

Once you have made payment successfully, you will see a WhatsApp group link in our Thank you page.
Just click and join the group and you will receive further course updates in the group itself.

Yes, we have designed this course particularly to help entry-level programmers to scale their programming skills to the next level.

Absolutely you are going to learn from industry experts about the best practices, Gain hands-on experience.
Finally it helps you build your resume and expand your career opportunities.

YES, the program is completely LIVE interactive sessions.

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